[Firebase Firestore] Actions are not working
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I am trying to integrate Firebase Firestore with the mobile application I am developing. I have followed the steps mentioned in the documentation but all actions are not working an it returns 2 types of errors wheneven I try to fetch, add, or upadate documents.

Note: I have already configured the Firestore database on the Firebase console.

I have used the same credintials in another plugin for the Firebase Realtime Database and it works just fine. So what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance. 

Hello Ali, 

To solve or check this issue, For Object reference not set to set an object of an object, you can go through the below link:


(Which already marked as solution; I hope it will help you.)

Thanks and Regards,
Akshay  Deshpande


Hello Akshay,

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately, this solution did not work for me and I am still getting the same error.



If possible, paste POC or OML. So we can work on that, which is more helpful

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