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Hi All, i want to sort data inside list using dropdown, when we are select the  value of dropdown list data are sort accordingly i am sharing the dropdown value.


Hi @ritu kushwaha 

What is the source of drop down list.

Are you using static entity or anything else?

Why I'm asking this for sorting you need column name then sorting logic will be same as we used in table.

First create one local variable as text type let's say "SortBy" and used this inside the aggregate in sorting section.

Now on change of drop-down write your sorting logic and refresh aggregate at the end of logic remember you need column name for sorting so your drop down should hold column name instead of ID.

Hope it helps you


Hi Arun, yes i have static entity and i need to sort data according to dropdown value.. i am sharing one screenshot with you. and pls if it is possible to share some oml file so it is better to understands the things.


Hey @ritu kushwaha ,

I am sending a demo OML to achieve this.You will see a "Dropdown" entity.As I am sending you the OML, there will be no data present in "Dropdown" entity. So please add the below data before proceed.

This will help you to learn sorting .

Thanks & Regards,

Sudip Pal


Hi Sudip,

i want  sort inside list and i am using static entity.. and there is no list sort handler are availabe..


Attached the OML for your reference. In case you are using Local list variable to bind the List widget, you can use List Sort and give conditions like this. Hope this helps.


Hi ritu 

Please check the Oml file It will help you 


Hi @ritu kushwaha,

1) Go to your aggregate and click dynamic sort

2) In the dynamic sort,  select the local variable that is mapped to your dropdown.

3) Go to the properties of dropdown, and in the OnChange Events, click on "New Client Action", and inside this client action, just refresh your aggregate.

Thank You, I hope this will help, Please let me know if there's any confusion.

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