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While trying to add Social Login Reactive and Social Login Configurator to my app, to be able to sign in with linkedin, when i request the access code i need to provide more data (scope, response type), and for this, i need to be able to add this data to the start login client action, but it happens that the module is protected and i can only open a clone of it. In this case, i would have to change all client/server actions and dependencies from the original to the clone module, which will leave to a lot of errors.

Anyone knows if this module is suposed to be protected? Or if there is any other way to add more data to my authentication request, besides the start login action?

I think the only way is via the start login action, but for me in this case it makes no sense that the module is protected.

Sorry for the long text! Thank you for the help.

@João Ganchinho

From the demo application included on the forge, it looks like you use the shared client action StartLogin to enter in your information. the main module is locked as you do not need to edit the internals to put your own site property information into the login actions.


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