Get Entity records given his EntityId

Hi guys, given an EntityId, how can I list the records from that Entity?


Entity will have Get action, so you can pass the Id which will return you the records. There are other ways too. If this is not what you looking for then pls elaborate your question bit more, what issue are you facing? 

Hi @Puja Rani, so I have a variable (EntityId) and I want to list all the records from the table with that Id. Take in mind that this variable could change, so I need this dynamically


Ok, it seems the EntityId is not the Primary Key as you said there can be multiple records from the table with that id. so you can create a server action, drag your entity & add filter condition. As shown in screenshot,  it will return list of all employees for a particular office Id. hope this helps.

Hey @Alexandre Rocha ,

I am give you a demo OML for both condition.If  you want to fetch data depending on primary key or you want to fetch data depending on other attribute, you can use the demo OML reference.

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Sudip Pal

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