[OutSystems Data Grid Web] "ReferenceError: GridOS is not defined" when grid is loading
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Forge component by Gonçalo Martins
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Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.54.24 (Build 62760)

I have a DataGrid element in a Web Patterns tab control on a Web Patterns modal popup.  When I switch to the tab, first I get the usual "Loading content..." from the tab control, then this error appears in the DevTools console:

ReferenceError: GridOS is not defined

    at eval (eval at  (_osjs.js:18:13995), :2:1)

    at eval ()

    at _osjs.js:18:13995

    at Function.globalEval (_osjs.js:18:14006)

    at OsEvaluateUserJavaScript (_osjs.js:5:11973)

    at OsReplaceWith (_osjs.js:5:10054)

    at HTMLDivElement. (_osjs.js:5:11249)

    at Function.dequeue (_osjs.js:18:25299)

    at d.complete (_osjs.js:26:12610)

    at l (_osjs.js:18:16833)

OsLogException @ _osjs.js?11_18_1_37828:5

I'm going to try to implement the DataGrid outside of the tab and outside of the modal to see they are related, but I'm asking first if this scenario is supported

Hello Richard Fannon,

In order to be able to try to help it would be nice if you could provide a working oml (without business rules) where we can reproduce that.


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