Installation of RabbitMQ for Outsystems On premises

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Could someone let me know the steps or procedure of Installing and upgrading of RabbitMQ for Outsystems On premises? Thanks!



The platform installer and Configuration Tool will install RabbitMQ for you automatically during the setup process. Simply follow the steps from the installation guide that opens when you run the Platform Installer.

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Hi Rad,

Thanks but how to upgrade the RabbitMQ version?

Run Create/Upgrade service on the Cache tab of the Configuration Tool:

Hi Rad, 

I forgot to mention the current installation is in server which doesn't have internet connection (offline installation or upgradation). Hence on clicking "Create or update" button below message is shown  and on clicking "Help" button its redirected to this article

As per the message I think we have to upgrade RabbitMq version separately? I would appreciate if you could share some insights. Thanks!

I've never done an upgrade completely offline... That's a new one.

I can give my opinion if you can share where the help link tries to send you. After looking it over I may be able to give some insights if you still need assistance. 

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Here is the article


I found these instructions which may be helpful.
They look complete and from what I know of the install process that is run automatically via the installer tool, appear to be complete.


Since you're entirely offline you'll need to do all the steps manually instead of using the chocolatey installer, but otherwise should be pretty straight forward, just be sure to follow all the steps for the pre-requisites as well. (Such as erlang, service reinstall, etc)

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