Save of data change for data grid

Please refer to the Mainflow\StatusReportTest

1. Changes and Update the value of the entity

- Made "Target Date", "Completion Date", "Remark" as allow to edit

- Added "Save" button

-Added Delete Row function

-Added "Save View" 

My issues are when I have done above changes in UI , the data will all resumed after refresh.
-->So, Can all those changes save and update the database behind for the data grid instead of one time at that moment? or kindly help check if my logic "Save", "Save View" , "Delete Row" are wrong and result in save in that current screen only? Thanks.!

2. How can I add a link to the Record and direct it to relevant record of "JobTestPopUp" Page?


Not sure if i've understood it correctly, but from what I gather you're saying that after you make changes to your table and saved it, it doesn't reflect the updated changes. 
Am looking through your code and the most likely reason i can see is that your CreateOrUpdateJobDetail2Grid server action is not doing anything. 

Not doing anything here
You could implement something like this to process all the added/updated/deleted records. 


Hi Caulibeam, 

After I added logic inside CreateOrUpdateJobDetail2Grid action, still can't save the value. The value will be resumed after refresh. Please advise. 

Hi Winnie, could you share your updated oml file? 

Hi Caulibeam, plz check the attached oml.

Also, would you mind to help how to use the action column to direct another detail page of current record? Thanks.


Hey winnie,
The issue that you're facing is in the JSON Deserialization method. You are passing in a complex structure but trying to deserialize it to a single JobDetail entity hence the deserialization will fail. 

To rectify this you will need to deserialize it to a structure List that is similar to what you are using in your grid. 


To add on to this, there's a simple way for you to create the structure. 

1. Create an output parameter and set the data type as the GetJobDetail List Type

2. Once you have created it, right click the output parameter and select create structure from data type. A new structure will be created which you can use. You can delete the output parameter after this if you no longer need it. 

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