Re : Including xif in service center


In Integration Studio I have createt a xif file based on a VB.Net dll which basically populates outsystems tables.

Now what I could not solve is, how to include the xif in service studio so that I can call this xif from my Espace.

Could anyone explain how this is done?


Jele van der Most
Hi Jelle.

What you need to do is add a reference to the extension you've create in Integration Studio.
See the picture below

Thank you José, this worked fine

I have now been able to add this xif in my eSpace, and the eSpace was publishe OK

However, when I execute the action based on this xif, I get an error saying that I  should specify "modus UserInteractive"

Complete error text:
"Het is niet toegestaan om een modaal dialoogvenster of formulier weer te geven wanneer de toepassing niet wordt uitgevoerd in de modus UserInteractive. Geef de stijl ServiceNotification of DefaultDesktopOnly op om een melding van een servicetoepassing weer te geven.

Is this a setting that I can do in Service Center?

Kind regards,


Where does this error appear? Can you give me more details about it?
Hi Jelle,

From the couple words I can read on that error message, your dll is trying to interact with the desktop.
(like showing a popup window)

You can enable that option in IIS ...but don't think that a window appearing on the server will help you much.

João Rosado
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