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I am working on a migration project from a legacy application to a new one in outsystems. The issue is that there is a process that takes a txt file and, using Monarch software, extracts information from the txt file. I would like to know if there is any component in outsystems that works similar to Monarch's software.

Hey Luis,

Is it okay if I create this for Reactive?

Thanks & Regards,

Sudip Pal

Ah yeah, is ok

But this OutSystems.AI Document Processor Reactive I see that it is based on extracting texts from PDF.

Do you have any example using a txt file?


We have the same requirement where we are even using excel files to extract the tag, the only work around we find is to convert those files to pdf and then use this.

If you have something better please add it over here as well that would help others as well.

For now I can say we have used this approach of converting files to pdf then pass here

Tousif Khan

Honestly I extract all the data that I need reading a txt file line by line and it works very fine but my boss asked me if there a component that we can trained and extract all the data we need from any txt.

Let me know if you want to see the logic I used.

If you want you can share a example file, maybe I can help you.


No not required, We did it already, and the project is now live, as I have told you we have converted those excel files to pdf we trained our module on Microsoft Azure AI.

And it worked fine, So I am just telling you this is the way we can. Since it is a paid I can no longer share an example to you however you can check the sample they have provided on the component.

Oh ok I will try to do it that way that you describe.

One more thing, I can convert the txt file to pdf without to write the file physically?


Yes you can convert, there are lot of components there like -https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/14383/word-to-pdf-converter

Or you can try API's available that will convert your doc to pdf

You can do it manually as well, its upto you



I'm a little confused how to train the model to extract the text I need.

Can you help me please.


Luis Paulino


First it all thanks for you quick response.

I am already in that page, I think my problems is in azure, I don't know how to publish the end point


Even I dont have the access to Azure at my side when we did this, Client Did the same from there end so not sure enough. You can check Miscrosoft Forums maybe you get something there


Great !! Your Welcome @Luis
If I was able to help you please mark this post as a Solution for a reference to others.


I will post a solution when finished.

I have a problems, I have error "404 Resources no found.

Can you help me to configure Storage Account with component to process de document?

I follow all the steps that are on the web site of the component but always I have the same error. "404: Resource not found".

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