Does outsystem have an tracking tool like jira or TFS ?

just asking about the OutSystems if having any development tracking tool by using the Agile way 

or even have integration with external tools like Jira and TFS 

that will be prefect with mapping with LifeTime will be perfect 

Hey Osama,

Not out of the box, I don't think so. 

You have a Jira connector: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/936/jira-connector and Jira also provides Restful APIs that you could use and leverage in your own way and even in combination with the LifeTimeAPI (search for all users stories in the Done column of your project and add them to a deployment description being one example) 

I will give it a try and post feedback on the component level not on API level 

As its not useful to use the API side as it might consume time from development 

Thanks for your response 

Hello Osama, 

Actually, my company created a product that allows you to do that. :) 

Our goal is to streamline low-code application development processes to improve quality and productivity.  Agile.Now streamlines the digital factory’s functions and processes, reduces manual work, improves the quality of your deliverables, and scales up productivity. We have integrations with Jira and perfect mapping with LifeTime. You can even deploy just by using the Agile.Now

Give it a try: 

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask :) 

Best regards, 


Hi Osama

Agile.Now Factory does this and more, you download from the Forge for free up to 3 users.  Please contact me for a demo at reggie.rusan@esystems.fi . You can see more information here https://agilenow.esystems.fi/ 

Here are some highlights of what Agile.Now Factory offers:

·        Empower a culture of transparency and collaboration.o   A single dashboard for visibility of the entire development progress.

·        Ensure flawless releases!

         o   Automated deployment blocking until all concurrent development on the same module is fully completed.o   Seamless Feature (project issue) linkage to application modules.

        o   Version control provides insights into module versions in releases and environments. 

·        Automate your entire testing process.

          o   Minimize manual effort on repetitive tasks.o   Traceability on test-application linked to individual modules.

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