How to check status?

I have a problem:

I upload file to my system, and it take a lot of time.

I have a CheckStatus action to check status. When I use it, it return status at that time.

I don't know when my file created. So I loop CheckStatus action until it return status Created.

I try to use Process but I can not do it. I try loop CheckStatus action but it show message connection timeout.

Can you help me, please?


Can you share the code? Perhaps one screenshot or two would help.

Hello Minh,

Are you uploading multiple files together ? and 

Do you want the status of each document when it's get created ?

If you want create status of multiple document and you are using Process then use commit transaction and after that use your status check logic.

If you want collective status of multiple files upload, then use your status logic out of for each.

The time out error may be due to the reason, the files are taking too long to get uploaded.


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