issue graphing two lines on Fusion line chart

issue graphing two lines on Fusion line chart

Hello Everybody,
I successfully used the xml to chart out a single line graph using FusionCharts line graph.  No problems.  Then I tried using the xml provided for the 2-line graph and I get a "No Data" message.  Here is the XML for the 2-line graph:
"<graph caption='Sales Comparison' showValues='0' numVDivLines='10' numberPrefix='$' showAnchors='0' divlinecolor='D7D8D3' divLineAlpha='80' showAlternateHGridColor='1' alternateHGridColor='D7D8D3' alternateHGridAlpha='20' bgColor='E3E6D9' bgAlpha='50' baseFontColor='5D633F' canvasBorderThickness='1' decimalPrecision='2' yAxisMinValue='800000'><categories><category name='Jan'/><category name='Feb'/><category name='Mar'/><category name='Apr'/><category name='May'/><category name='Jun'/> <category name='Jul'/><category name='Aug'/><category name='Sep'/><category name='Oct'/><category name='Nov'/><category name='Dec'/></categories><dataset seriesName='Current Year' color='A66EDD'><set value='1127654'/><set value='1226234'/><set value='1299456'/><set value='1311565'/><set value='1324454'/><set value='1357654'/><set value='1296234'/><set value='1359456'/><set value='1391565'/><set value='1414454'/><set value='1671565'/><set value='1134454'/></dataset><dataset seriesName='Previous Year' color='F6BD0F'><set value='927654'/><set value='1126234'/><set value='999456'/><set value='1111565'/><set value='1124454'/><set value='1257654'/><set value='1196234'/><set value='1259456'/><set value='1191565'/><set value='1214454'/><set value='1371565'/><set value='1434454'/></dataset></graph>"

Has anyone else have issues graphing the 2-line graph using FusionCharts?  Is there an issue with the XML? Thanks in advance.
Hi Frank,

I've just tested your XML in the Fusion Charts test screen, for the 2 line graph, and it works perfectly.
My guess is the problem is elsewhere, can you isolate this problem in a sample OML and put it here?

Hermínio Mira

Please check below your example working for a simple webscreen.
I used the platform version 6.0.1 and the chartType MSLine.

Paulo Garrudo
That was my problem.  I was using the FCF_Line.swf file format when I should have been using the FCF_MSLine.swf file.  That was very frustrating to realize that.
Thanks for your help.  I was about to give up on the 2-line graph.