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Hi Team,

I am working in the Mobile Application in which there is one button I want that once I clicked on the Download Button then PDF file is downloaded and once I clicked on the share button same PDF file Share to deafult mobile application example whatsapp,insta ,facebook

I requested please share the working OML it will helpful for me

Hello Lokesh Kumar Yadav, 

Let me ask a question to understand what you want to do. Basically, you already implemented the download logic and you are able to download it and see it on your mobile device. For the share part you can do it on your phone, no need to create logic for that.

Nowadays, if you download a pdf file, your phone already offers you the possibility of sharing it through WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. Why is that not enough for you?

Also, the intention of this forum is not just sharing omls, but sharing knowledge. So have a try to implement what you are proposing, if you get stuck show us what you've got and what is not working for you. We can provide more effective assistance later. 

Best regards, 


Hi Anna 

Thank you so much for your good advice I  kept in my mind that Forum is not for sharing the OML only Sharing the knowledge there are lots of member in the forum who share the OML I think you have to track it.

My question is very simple that in the below Image there are some dummy data in the Container and there is one download button I want that once I clicked on the download button the Container data downloaded in the PDF format while using my application in the Mobile


Hello again Lokesh Kumar Yadav, 

Don't get me wrong, I said: "The intention of this forum is not just sharing omls, but sharing knowledge ", which is totally different from what you are implying. 

To answer your question, there are several social sharing components available in the Forge for mobile and reactive web. The first link corresponds to the one I would recommend first and the second to the search I made on OutSystems Forge. I hope this solves your issue. The is a demo associated with the first component, give it a try and check if it satisfies your requirements. 

Best regards, 


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