I need to develop a system with IoT. Does anyone have an idea how to do this with OutSystem? I will send temperature and humidity data from a sensor to the cloud and show it on the web, with graphs too! Thanks! 

Hi Clenio,

you shared little information, but what I think you want and the way I would do is.

Create an outsystems application, in it create a timer (that runs at x minutes) that would receive the values (temp/hum) store them on a local DB (backup/history) and then update the cloud DB with the new values. 

Best of luck, give new we are very curious.

Hello Clenio, 

Perhaps you can start by identifying what integration options your IoT devices have available as those are usually the limiting factor. If there are REST APIs available, then you could consume them and build timers like Carl suggested to pull the information 

Alternatively, if the IoT sensor is able to consume an API, you can also expose your API endpoints and have the device connect to it to push information down. 

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