Upload Excel sheet with status label and assigned user and Role name
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Hi all,

I am a beginner in outsystems I have done normal export and Import exercise like Slim directory.

But I am stuck today as I got many reference entities in my table. I want to uploading an excel with their label and name instead of their Id's and it is throwing me an error with Integer required instead of string.

can someone help me in solving this issue.

I have even uploaded the .oml file and excel file for reference.



Vin j.

Demo Uoload.xlsx

You cannot do that, are you expecting that outsystems or any other upload system will get your text and transform it to ids?

You have to do that yourself, if you want to pass labels instead of IDs, on your structure you have to be expecting a text and not an ID.

Try changing it to text, and then use an aggregate to get the ID based on the text you are passing.

I think I understood the question. If that didn't work let us know.

Note, be careful with the Excel column names and your structure which is getting the data. Try to do a debug and check the service centre to know which data is coming and which errors are you getting respectively.

If this doesn't work, please do that first and show us the results.

Thank you Márcio Carvalho ,

It worked.


Vin J

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