wrap text within each option in a dropdown

Hi, I have a dropdown select (NO the dropdown search) where some options are very long strings.

So when the user open the list it become very very large.

There is a way to wrap the text of each option?

I tried several CSS without success:

    white-space: pre-wrap;    word-wrap: break-word;    word-break: break-all;

As alternative there is a way with the dropdown search to have the same behaviour (wrap the text in multiline)? Because in this case, if the option text is too long, it is shown only the first part

BR, Daniele 


Sorry to say but perhaps what you're looking for is not the best use of a Dropdown. This widget is used for filtering a table or a list. Examples can be: Employee Name, Day of Week, etc.

So it's not to be used to have huge strings as you said but simple values. If you want to search long text it's better to use something with autocomplete.


The AutoComplete input no longer exist in Reactive, but you can try with the "dropdown search " 

using in the option list the "description" field that is longer. 

Hope this help 


Thank you but the result with the description is quite the same (see the screenshot).

I have then changed approach using a dedicated popup with a list.

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