Import CSV file into an entity


I am very newbie I am trying to import a CSV file into a table on my database.

I have used this logic :

the GET2 Action retrieve the CSV from a SFTP server, I convert the binary to text, the the obtained CSV into XLSX and the I use ExcelToRecordList to actually load into the database. All seems ok until the last step (ExcelToRecordList), where I get this error:

Excel read error in row 2: Column 'FirstName' has an invalid type. Expected a 'Int64' but received a 'String'. The database is:

All the fields are Text.

Does anyone can help me to understand why I am getting this error?

I also tried the approach in https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/89043/how-to-upload-csv-files-to-a-database/ but I get other errors with the LoadCSV2RecordList action and I am not sure what to put in GetPhysicalTable.

Any help appreciate. Thanks!

Can you share an OML?

Would be cool for you to use the debug to see the data that is coming until the last step. That way you will be able to see what is happening behind the curtains :D


Hi  Márcio,

I can't share OML, because of sensitive data. 

But I have used the debug, and up to the ConvertCSVToXLSX is all fine, if I inspect the value of the variables an that spte I have the correct CSV file.

it stops at ExcelToRecordList with that error.

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