[Analytics Plugin (Firebase)] CocoaPods could not find compatible versions for pod "FirebaseAnalytics"
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Hey guys,

I'm trying here to generate a compilation of a mobile application, the application contains this Firebase Analytics component.

Before this problem, it was necessary to update to the latest version.

This compilation error only happens for Apple

But now I have an internal error in the component, as the Native Platforms log says.


Observing one of the errors shown in the Native Platform LOG, I found the versioning configuration in the plugin.

However, to edit, I would need to create a clone of the component.

".....[2023-09-27T14:09:04.238Z] [VERBOSE] [Build] [!] CocoaPods could not find compatible versions for pod "FirebaseAnalytics":

[2023-09-27T14:09:04.238Z] [VERBOSE] [Build]   In snapshot (Podfile.lock):

[2023-09-27T14:09:04.238Z] [VERBOSE] [Build]     FirebaseAnalytics (= 8.6.0, ~> 8.6.0)

[2023-09-27T14:09:04.238Z] [VERBOSE] [Build]   In Podfile:

[2023-09-27T14:09:04.238Z] [VERBOSE] [Build]     FirebaseAnalytics (~> 4.2)

[2023-09-27T14:09:04.238Z] [VERBOSE] [Build] Specs satisfying the `FirebaseAnalytics (~> 4.2), FirebaseAnalytics (= 8.6.0, ~> 8.6.0)` dependency were found, but they required a higher minimum deployment target.....


Searching on Google I identified that the latest version is 10.15.0

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