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I would like to know how I could edit the color of the input prompt. 

I intended to put the asterisk in red.

OutSystems 11



Perhaps this article will help. Although if you want just the asterisk you might have to do some Javascript coding.


Hello Henrique,

You can use the placeholder pseudoclass to change the color of the placeholder text in most modern browsers, but I don't think there's an easy way to change only a part of the text.

The available solutions to solve this look a little clunky to me, so I'd consider if this is something that you must really have in your application - the associated effort to design and maintain something like this for every input in your page is something that should be considered.

Hi @Henrique Querido,

Try this below format to change the placeholder (prompt) color

    color: #000000;

Replace the classname  and the color code with your respective values.

Hope it helps,
Nandhakumar S. 

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