If the search dropdown has a list with many elements, it crashes

I have more than 999999999 items to show, but the first time I land on the page the searchdropdown crashes without showing anything and it takes a long time to show the data, I am directly using an aggregate from which I take this data, should I use a server action to retrieve the data and this could improve the performance ? 

I have an old version of outsystems ui and I don't have the seardropdown server widget, how could I optimize this old widget because when you open the page it shows empty and loads after 20 seconds.


Hello @Gaetano Cerciello,

There are many records and MANY RECORDS. in your case there are MANY RECORDS.

jokes aside, I think the best solution is to create an input field to filter the records in the aggregate.

I think the first question you need to ask if it is really needed to show all those records at the start?

999999999 records to show is quite a lot, specially if there is no way to filter this correctly.

If it is really needed (which I don't recommend) you might want to split it up.

Have an aggregate with a max records of something around 500 records, display this in the dropdown. 

Have another aggregate fetching all of them and swap the list of the dropdown once all records are fetched.

Hope this helps

Just saw your other post regarding the same question, 


maybe it is better to keep this question in one post instead of creating multiple posts for it.

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