Anybody knows about pocketbas3

Hi everyone

Please let me know if any body works on pocketbase or knows about it.I have somedoubts in it


Are you sure you are posting the question to the right forum?

What is the relationship of your question towards OutSystems?



I thought can we connect ui as outsystem and back end as pocketbase that's why

Alright, that wasn't clear from your question, and we cannot read thoughts ;)

Thanks for the clarification.

In pocket base is an backend service.it gives the data via rest api.so I thought can we connect the outsystems via API that's why I asked that question.

I think you answered your question yourself. Just consume their API.

No I am just asking how to consume api from the pocket base


Just like any other API you can consume. Search for "how to consume an API in OutSystems".

Ideally pocketbase has a swagger definition you can use to generate the API methods in OutSystems.

But why do you want to use pocketbase as backend?

With OutSystems you have a full stack high performance software development platform. You would not need to invest in a separate platform just to implement a backend.



Its an open source platform that's why sir.thanks for the reply

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