[Order Management] HasSearch condition doesn't exist in Widget tree
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This question applies to the Order Management Application (training app). At some point, in chapter Filtering Orders, there's an instruction that says:

Search for a BlankSlate, then drag and drop it to the True branch of the HasSearch If.

According to the screenshot, the HasSearch If should be located under the False branch of the IsLoading If. However, it's not there in my application (see attached screenshot).

I was wondering if maybe this was a simple mistake and the instruction refers to the NoSearch If but that doesn't seem to make sense.

I can add it but I'd have to take a stab at the condition expression, possibly something like below?

SearchKeyword <> "" or SearchedStatus <> NullIdentifier() or MinSelection <> MinRange or MaxSelection <> MaxRange

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Hello Philip,

I think this is indeed a naming mistake/ change.

If you are supposed to drag it to the true branch of the "HasSearch" it might be enough to drag it to the false branch of the "NoSearch".

You can always add it and try it out, if it is not the intended behaviour just change it to the other branch. And try to understand the logic in the if-statment

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the response. I thought maybe I was confused about the logic but it turns out I was right: HasSearch does not equal the false branch of NoSearch. It's separate. Either the HasSearch condition should be there by default or some instructions should be added on adding it.

It was a valuable exercise anyway because it did help me understand the Wiget Tree logic better but it looks like the training needs to be updated.

Edit: the expression I suggested initially is, obviously, not sufficient. It should look at the aggregate GetOrders.

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