OutsystemUI upgrade jQuery issue

I changed the OutSystemsUI 'Version 2.12.0' to 'Version 2.17.0'

it delete the DEPRECATED_jQuery file. My application get crash.


There is any way to find DEPRECATED_jQuery file?

OutSystems UI removed the jQuery script from version 2.14.0 onwards. So upgrading OutSystems UI from 2.12.0 to 2.17.0 will definitely break some applications, please check the changelogs between all versions in between for breaking changes and known steps/workarounds.

A. You could revert back to an older version of OutSystems UI (not recommended)

B. You could download a specific jQuery version OutSystems UI used (or any other version that you require) and include in in the scripts folder of the application:

OutSystems UI used this jQuery version.

See the OutSystems UI changelog of version 2.14.0 for more information (where this jQuery script has been removed).

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