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I would like to do an intégration with Qlik Sense in a OutSystems.

I've create an application in Qlik and one sheet inside.

How to integrate my sheet in my OutSystems App.

Ps: I use the free trial Qlik Sense account.

Thanbks you.

Hi Shamin,

There are many ways to supply data to Qlik. For OutSytstems, the easiest is exposing a REST API that you can consume in Qlik. Another option, but only possible for on-premise, is to directly query the OutSystems database.

Thank you @Kilian Hekhuis  for your answer.

I want to embed my sheet that I 've created from my Qlik app to my OS app. I would like to do it by using capability API or Nebula.Js.The goal is to not using the Iframe. I am not familiar with installing external librairies on OS executing command like: "npm install @nebula.js/stardust"

thanks you.

Best regards

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