Outsystems Benchmark

Hi Guys,

I am currently looking for some Benchmarks of Outsystems.

Anyone got a documentation for a benchmark results? , can't find any in the documentation page.


Hi Jarede,

what kind/type of benchmarks are you looking for?

Hi @carl ruhle 

Benchmark for testing an application.

1. Environment used(How many servers used)

2. Stress test Simulation and the results of the APDEX

We would like to provide this to our clients to solidify there interest about OS.

Hi Jared.

That benchmark is useless for two reasons.

1. Most companies use OutSystems in AWS. Elasticity

2. Stress test means what? Concurrent connections? Screens opened? Database queries? In the end, it will depend on the quality of your code, not on the hardware.

What I can say is that in Traditional some clients had millions of users. Reactive is capable of handling 6 times more accesses than Traditional. ODC will be even better (I remember the beta program when OS was asking clients to migrate mission critical software with millions of users to test it properly).

There are multiple Case Studies if you want to look for a similar one to your customer.

Sales Partners have more details, but maybe you should refer to the Evaluation Guide. The last section is about performance.

Thank for this Nuno Reis, I also read one technical white paper of OS "Massively Scaling Mobile Apps" and it has those different scenarios.

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