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I am making a restaurant reservation system .Outsystem make screens for me the Customer List and Customer detail screen by Dragging the entity. I update the customer detail screen add a dropdown list of rooms .Dropdown showing rooms correctly but the data isn't save into customer screen How i fixed this issue there ,I;d greatly appreciate your support.

Hello @Muhammad Haseeb 

For saving the selected room you need to modify the Create/Update logic which outsystems made by scaffolding.

You can share your oml for more help.



I dont't know how to share oml ?

While creating a post you get option to add attachments, there you can attach the OML's.


In the customer table you have RoomId as a Foregin Key.

You have to use entity action to create or update data in customer entity.

Above are the actions which we use for create and update data in the entity.

Hope this will help you or if you want you can share your OML I will check the code and help you out.



Hi Muhammad,

This is a topic that is addressed in the starting course of OutSystems. Have you followed that course? If not it would be a great idea to do so since a lot of basic behaviors (like this) are explained there.

Check out this page for the courses: https://learn.outsystems.com/training/decision/build-an-application

I followed that still little confuse.

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