How to open OutSystems built mobile app or any other application from OutSystems App?

How to open OutSystems built mobile app or any other native app from OutSystems App?

Hi @Wasim,

Do you want to open the apps on a mobile device or in the browser?

Hi @Anubhav Rai,

I wanted to open the apps in mobile device.

You will need to generate the app by clicking on the "Generate Android app" button, it will take some time and once you get the QR code you can scan it with your mobile device to download the app on your device.

Hi Anubhav,

I know this already. My question is i wanted to open different mobile apps via the links present in my app. 

Can you explain in more detail what you want to achieve. Currently I think you want the following;

  • You have an App (lets call it "App A")
  • In App A you have a screen with links to other apps (App B, App C, and more)
  • When you click on the link for "App B" you expect what exactly?

Do you expect 

  • To open the app that is already installed on your mobile. Something like this?
  • Open the store with the app in focus. Something like this?
  • Open an website where the app can be downloaded or given more information about the app?

Hello Wasim,

Please check if below posts helps you address your problem.


Hope it helps!


Hi Junaid,

I have checked those posts already. It didn't help me out.

Hi @Junaid Syed ,

Do you have any other solution for this?

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