unable to open xlsm file after downloading(download widget corrupts excel file)

I'm using a template with xlsm( as macros were enabled in it) extension. I had given the file name to ".xlsm" and application with mime type "application/vnd". I want to know whether outsystems support xlsm type, if so how can i work with it? when i'm downloading the file it is showing as file has been corruputed even though it has data

xlsm template.png

Hi @Sureddi,
Did you check with the debugger if are you passing the filename and extension properly?

yes,even though it's not working

Could you please share the OML and error message?

can you please check with the below images.

1) the file that i'm unable to open the excel file

2) the extension for xlsm as ".xlsm"

3) is the mime type what i had given is correct?

Screenshot 2023-10-10 110403.png
Screenshot 2023-10-10 110924.png

In the error popup the file name is showing as ".zip.xlsm"
Please correct the file name first, It should only contain ".xlsm".
And please check with any simple file name just for testing, pass any fixed text with extension(.xlsm).

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