Database Integrity Suggestion - Database contains index....

Hi.. we just received this 'Database Integrity Suggestion - Database contains an index <indexName> that is not defined in the module' right after published database app. 

FYI, we set indexes manually in physical database (Oracle) in January 2023 but this message just triggered yesterday. Also, we just updated Lifetime version (11.17.4) last month. Is this new version of Lifetime causing the triggered message?




As I understand you manually created Indexes on Entities managed by the platform (and not using external databases).

The platform has ways of checking for inconsistencies in Databases (for instance, it can also warn if a field is missing).

So in order for those warnings to disappear you should do what the platform tells.

Hi Nuno, thanks for the answer. Yes, we will do as what is suggested by the platform. 

And I just found out that the suggestion/warning is produced by a built-in feature in Service Studio called Best Practices Checker. Thanks, again.

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