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hi there,

I am using Google OCR services I want to open the camera in mobile and it should read the text and give annotations of text to copy. 


After capturing the image, you have to convert the binary to base64 using below action,

Then pass the base64 text to the Google OCR API request as like below image.

Hope this helps you.

Hi Aravind,
I tried the same request as per your suggestion but in response, I am getting blank the API is running but the response is blank.

Hi Prashant,

There is already a component available in Forge, it takes a binary image as input and returns text from the image. I have created a sample app using that component, I believe it should work if you pass the correct Google Cloud Vision API key(Since I don't have a valid key I couldn't test)

Another way is what Arvind mentioned above, you can consume the google OCR rest API and then pass the base64.

Forge Component URL - https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/1572/google-cloud-vision-ocr


I want to select text from the image and copy it instead of all the text of the image.

Ok, There is another action available 'GetTextAnnotations', can you try this one?



Yes, I am able to get annotations as well but now I want to select a particular text from the image and copy that.



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