Not able to publish my First Phone App
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 I am learning on Outsystems, But I got stuck with one issue.
when I am creating a new module, And then trying to publish, it shows the error of missing dependency. Then on refreshing dependencies, I am getting these errors. with those predefined modules! 
I checked in the forums, so I got a few solutions.

  1. refresh dependencies
  2. reinstall the service studio

But nothing works for me. Please help.

image (1).png
image (2).png

Hi Sumit,

It seems from your screenshots that SingleSignOnMobile module is not existing anymore in your references, thats why when you refresh all and apply you get a bunch of errors related to actions that used something from SingleSignOnMobile module that apparently no longers exists as reference to your module. 

So first thing is on your 'Manage Dependencies' popup, click the All button instead of the In use, and see if you can fiond the SingleSignOnMobile module, and if yes, reference all the things needed to solve the errors (majority should be actions).

If you don't find the SingleSignOnMobile module even when searching for ALL, then try to install the Single Sign-On mobile in your environment, by going through here and clicking install:

Then you will have to reference it your Testing module where you are currently working, along with all the actions that you need.

Let me know if you need further help,


Thank you so much Paulo, you saved me.

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