Debugger in Reactive Outsystems not working
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I'm creating an application in reactive outsystems but debugger isn't working for this it is showing chrome isn't responsive but i'm able to open this in browser manually but debugger isn't hitting with it. but when i'm trying same thing in traditional application debugger is working fine for my machine.

hi abhay,

1. Check if you have latest chrome version installed on your machine.

2. Check if you have latest service studio version installed on your machine. 

3. Try to refresh all the dependencies.

Hi Abhay,

Debugging in Reactive works only when the browser is opened by Service Studio. You cannot debug when you open a browser session yourself. This is the main difference between debugging Traditional and Reactive.

It says "the browser used for debugging is unresponsive"

What to do? chrome and service studio both are updated.

Screenshot 2023-10-13 154225.png

As an extra tip, I hardly use the debugger myself. I live by Console.log commands to give me feedback about what is happening in the app. I find this more helpful then the debugger but that could be just me :).


Hi Abhay,

It might be possible there is problem with the chrome browser.

Try to change your default browser from chrome to another.



Hi Abhay

Are you debugging an end user module? Then it should open you default browser. 

If you are debugging a module without screens, a browser may open but gives an error. In that case you can not debug.

Best regards,  Marlies 

Hi Abhay Kajaniya, 

Same thing happened to me then I tried these steps you can also refer it. 

1. Make sure one screen should be default.

1. After getting that message if debugger still running Stop the debugger and restart Service studio.

2. Completely closed Chrome application.

3. One more time try to debug it.

After following I am able to debug. I don't know but sometimes if we debug and stopped, the chrome browser still opened and at next time if we try to debug we fall into that situation. 



If you are using modules, check that the versions are synchronized. 

Hi Abhay Kajaniya, 

I had exactly the same problem and it was only 'fixed' by upgrading to a newer version of Service Studio. 

Debugging in OS leaves a lot to be desired


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