Basic authorisation on exposed REST API for ODC

Hi, I want to expose a REST API in ODC with basic authorisation. I found this documentation about it on OutSystems: https://success.outsystems.com/documentation/outsystems_developer_cloud/building_apps/exposing_rest_apis/expose_a_rest_api/.

For O11 the idea is that you do a server-side login in your OnAuthorisation request. Here you validate the user to the database.

For ODC, there is not yet a server or service action available that does the login. Only a client action is available, which of course cannot be used in an API flow. 
Is there a way in ODC to use basic authorisation for an exposed REST API without a "login" server/service action?

I hope anyone  can help me.

Kind regards.


Hi Alex,

Actually there is, you should be able to use the User_Login action, see screenshot:



To whoever might stumble upon this thread in the future, the way this works is that as soon as you set the authentication of an exposed API to "Basic", the reference to the "User_Login" action is automatically added. You don't have to add it manually.

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