cannot read properties of undefined (reading "then") error occurred
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.54.28 (Build 62889)

Hi Team,

following error has occurred while initialize the block and enter values in inputs. we have not call any Api from our end. if you guys have faced this problem before, please let us know. 


Can you share your OML. If you have used only OutSystems components (and not Javascript) then this error should not be possible as everything will get a default value to begin with. I wonder what is going on here.

Hi Vincent,

We have not used any js in our application. please find the error log for your reference. 


Hi Vinay,

Can you provide more info of the error from the logs? This is the generic JS error. Is it happening in your Initialize event?

Hi Katsiv,

Please find the attached screen shot for your reference.  

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