Trouble Locating Popup ID in Browser Inspection
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Hi Team,

I'm working on an Angular component which has a confirmation popup , exposed as a web element and it's been called  within an OutSystems page. While inspecting the browser, I can find the ID of the Angular component, but I'm unable to locate the ID of the confirmation popup.

Is there way to solve this issue...


It could be due to a few different reasons. Here are some steps to help you find the ID,

I am not sure but you can try this:

Hope this will help!

Use JavaScript Console: If the popup is generated dynamically using JavaScript, you can use the JavaScript console in the developer tools to interact with it. For example, you can use JavaScript to query the DOM for the element by class name, tag name, or other attributes.

Page Source: In some cases, the popup might be rendered through JavaScript or after the initial page load. If you can't find it in the HTML code, try viewing the page source to see if the code is generated dynamically.

Inspect Parent Elements: If you can't locate the popup itself, inspect the parent elements to see if you can find any references or clues to the popup's location.

Check for Hidden Elements: Sometimes, popups are hidden by default and are only made visible when triggered. Check for CSS styles like display: none or visibility: hidden that might be affecting the visibility of the popup.



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