email sending graph api

Hi All,

I am using graph api to send an email.

If I use some specific email sender email as UserPrincipalName then it works.

But If I use any other emails as sender email (UserPrincipalName) It is giving 404error and not proper description.

404 Not Found
   at ssMSGraphConnectorOauth2_0_Core.CcMicrosoftGraph.ActionSendMailAsOtherUser(HeContext heContext, ICcMicrosoftGraphCallbacks _callbacks, String inParamUserPrincipalName, String inParamAuthorization, STSendMailAsOtherUserRequestStructure inParamRequest)
   at ssMSGraphConnectorOauth2_0_Core.Actions.ActionSendMailFromFunctionalAccount(HeContext heContext, STSendMailAsOtherUserRequestStructure inParamMailRequest) 

Please suggest


What do you mean with "if i use any other emails as sender email" ? Do you mean an arbitrary mail address like noreply@mydomain.com? This does not work. The User Principal name (UPN) is a named mailbox. If you want to send from a generic - non user related mailbox - you would have to create a resource mailbox for it.



Hi Stephen,

it is working only for one named email client specific  ex,info@somedomain.com

But it is not working neither the personal gmail  or noreply@domain.con

Do I need to configure anything principal name and what is resource mailbox,.thank you

Here is an article of mine that explains the configuration on how to send a mail from a resource mailbox https://medium.com/itnext/send-actionable-messages-from-outsystems-applications-7073cec90618

You can also download the demo application mentioned in the article. Although the article shows how to send Actionable Messages you will find the basic sending part in it.



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