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I would like to convert from dd-mmm-yy to dd-mm-yyyy

21-AUG-23 to 21-08-2023

Unfortunately I cannot use the formatdatetime function, nor the JavaScript


Please find the below link of discussion and the attached OML-:



Hope this will resolve your issue.

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Vibhor Agarwal


Unfortunately I am not able to use JavaScript in Web Traditional

 Hi Carolina Silva Figueiredo , 

Assuming the date/time formats are somewhat common, and you only need them client-side, JavaScript can easily convert it for you. To do so, create a Client Function, e.g. MyTextToDateTime, with a Text as input, and a Date Time as output. Inside the Function, add a JavaScript node, with an Input Parameter of type Text, and an output of Date Time, like this:

Then assign the output of the JavaScript node to the output parameter of the Function.

As suggested by @Kilian Hekhuis in this post



Arif .

Unfortunately I am not able to use JavaScript in Web Traditional 


Hi Carolina,

Just idea, if you said you cannot use javascript in web traditional (btw you should able to), you can use c# code for this, in integration studio.

Something like :

DateTime.Parse(txtVADate.Text.Trim()).ToString("dd-MM-yyyy", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);

@Carolina Silva Figueiredo Is it only required for display purposes or are you able to convert this data to a format that is easier handled in your logic (now and in future cases)? If so, you could consider creating a new attribute with the value converted to a yyyy-MM-dd format? Of course there are multiple ways to achieve this: sql convert, creating your own logic flow (string split, switches, etc.).

The additional benefit of permanently having a new attribute is that you could easily convert the yyyy-MM-dd format to dd-MMM-yyyy if needed :).

Why are you not capable of using FormatDateTime? This is such a basic function that can be used anywhere in the application I truly wonder why you can't use this. 

Because FormatDateTime requires a data type of date and the attribute I receive comes as text

I know the function and its use cases, it allows me to transform a date in any date format. But as I explained before, I do NOT have a date with date data type

But I presume you can create a date from your text based on your example. So why not first create a Date object and display that as you want. You can do this with TextToDateTime or create a custom converter. You will need to do anyhow if you want to transform it. 


I think the following C# should do the trick for you. You can add this via Integration Studio;

string text = "21-AUG-23"; 
DateTime date = DateTime.ParseExact(text, "dd-MMM-yy", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); 

It's possible to convert a text to date via convert (https://www.w3schools.com/sql/func_sqlserver_convert.asp) in a query. Style '106' seems to match your use case 'dd mon yyyy' if you replace the hyphen with a space.

Or even easier, a cast:

SELECT CAST('26-FEB-2017' AS datetime);


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