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I'm preparing myself to do in a near future the "Associate Reactive Developer Certification", so i'm trying to follow all the material that is available, the guided path and the documentation, just as it is refered in the detail sheet of the certification test. But in the meantime i got a doubt while organizing the material needed.

In Use Data, there's 5 topic mentioned: Data modeling; Edit data while developing; Query Data; Implement encryption and decryption for HIPAA compliance and Offline. 

But when i'm browsing the left tab, it appears more topics between Implement encryption and decryption for HIPAA compliance and Offlinea total of nine topics. 

So my question here is: does those 9 topics are also part of the study material for the certification?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the possible dumb question, and i also don't wish to be misunderstood, obviously i will study all the material needed to develop my OutSystem journey, just wish to know if it is part of the resources to study for this certification or perhaps those 9 topics are for a more advanced certification, i wonder.

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If you follow the Guided path and go to Associate Reactive Developer Parth you will cover all,

It has 133 Lessons which covers almost all, https://learn.outsystems.com/training/decision/guided-paths?

in each section there  are links available to go to documentation to have more understanding

In certification page when you download Exam details there is a file which contains details as well as links to the topics that you need to cover - 

I see the list you share there are some topics which I don't find it that it will have questions in Reactive Certification, Because this is a Documentation and it has to cover all it maybe the reason here, also I haven't checked the recent documentation yet But I see some new topics are there or maybe headings are change.

Also there is a breakup sheet which says all

I hope this will help.

If you need more help I am here to help you

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Tousif Khan

Associate Reactive Developer Certification Detail Sheet - EN.pdf

Hello Tousif,

Thanks for your advice, i'm aware of the detail sheet that you shared, and its because of the documentation for additional information that i got that doubt i mentioned before.

But now i'm noticing the (Web Development only) part....

Probably it is as you mentioned, it's covering a bit more info. 

I'm already following the guided paths as well, just wanted to understand that documentation part, because it doesn't seems very clear, as i posted those two images in the question above.

Thank you once more! 

best regards!

Hello Arif,

Thanks for the links, i actually found them already, and they are amazing! (they are already in my "to do" list to learn! )

Thanks you kindly!


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