Progress bar uploading in background

Hi outsystems developer friends.

Has anyone ever developed an application upload files in background. But the progress still appears on the interface. 
For example, like uploading files on Google Drive, we can see the progress (80%/100%)


Hi Raja,

If you can explain requirement in more details then will be helpful. If you want to perform upload operation in background then BPT can be a good option. If you want to show the progress on UI means you wants to be user on the screen while uploading file. 



Hi Raja,

There is lots of forge components related to progess bar which runs clients and server side, you can try them accordingly your requirement.

I mentioning one of them here.


If those not going to work in your case then please let us your exact requirement.

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Hi Raja (king),

I'm guessing the question is about the percentage of the upload than the progress bar. If so, you need to get the feedback from the server (in your case, google drive).

I didn't have the sample in Outsystems, but I manage to find the example using javascript (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/71995596/how-to-add-a-status-bar-for-file-upload-google-drive-apps-script)

You can use this sample to recreate similar functionality in Outsystems.


No answer on the visualization but a question instead. How are you uploading the file in the background? Is this traditional browser to server? Can users close the browser tab? And if so, what happens then to the upload? I'm really interested in how you have implemented this. This could be something that we also would like to have in one or two applications.

Same. I recently posted a related question about downloading large files


Hopefully this common use case of up/downloading larger files with a progress bar and asynchronous logic will be important enough to be integrated in the standard OutSystems toolkit available in Studio (or at least as an official component) in the future.

By the way, I remember ReactFilePondUpload has a progress indication:


ResumableJS also has the capability to show progression during upload. It runs async so the client is free to do other things but you can't move the widget from the screen as the upload will then stop. 



You can try this forge Component it shows circular progress bar - 


Tousif Khan

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