Data Migration from outsystems to external resource.
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Service Studio Version
11.53.23 (Build 61527)

I currently want to have a copy of my application data in production in another external resource or database.
I initially wanted to export the entities as recordlist to excel format individually, but that solution does not completely work for what I want.



For this you can create a request to OutSystems support. They will help you to get the database access with proper access rights.


Thanks for your reply.

After being given the access, will I request for a backup to restore on a new database or I can just dump it to a new database?

A suggestion: expose some REST api's and consume them in the new situation to bootstrap your data over there. Just a thought that might inspire you :)

Thanks for your reply, can you give more context on this?

It is just one of the ways to get data over to another application. Not very different of the Excel approach, but maybe the other system can handle REST calls easier then importing of Excels.
I don't know what kind of application it is you will migrate your data to, so what I'm telling here is just an idea, not THE way of working, just to give you some input to you.

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