Submit page with input type hidden
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11.23.0 (Build 40636)

Hey all,

I need to create a screen with this HTML in the body:

<input type="hidden" name="blabla" value="bleble">

....and auto submit it immediately without any interaction from the user.
I know how to do it in traditional web, but for reactive I need some help.


Hi @Gonçalo Almeida ,

You can simple use input widget and set style display:none, it will make your input as hidden.

And you can use this value within screen.

Hope this will help you.

Ok, but what about the second part of my problem? How do I submit the entire page like it was a traditional web form?

Hi Gonçalo, You can always assign a class to this element to hide it from the page, it will be there but not visible. If that's what you need to do. 

.hiden{    visibility: hidden;}


Hello @Goncalo Almeida 

Can you please elaborate a bit, what is the need to have a Form on a screen at first place, which you are not even showing to user.

If you need to do something.

And for that you are fetching the data from the database table, why don't you just write the logic on the OnAfterFetch event of a aggregate where Once the data is loaded you can do your logic and saved the data.

Tousif Khan


I need to create a page with that input type hidden and submit it to an external system.

The input part I already figured out from the answers. And now I need to submit this page to the URL from the external system, like it was a traditional web form submit.

Since there is no form in reactive, how do I do this?

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