How to access eSpace entities from c#?

How to access eSpace entities from c#?

Is there any api or function that allows retreiving record list of eSpace entities?

A little background:
I have a dll with financial functions that I need to integrate with an Service Studio application.
Some of this functions require various data already defined as entities.

How can I reach or pass them to the dll functions?
Hi Pedro,

The easiest way to give your extension action access to data from the eSpace would be to have the eSpace passing the data to the action.
To do so, you may:
  1. create a structure in your extension to store the needed data
  2. add an input parameter to your action of type Record List using as a record the structure you've created
  3. update the references in your eSpace to the action - the new structure should come along
  4. in your eSpace logic, query the data from the database
  5. use a foreach iteration over the data to append it to a variable of type record list of the structure you've created in your extension
  6. pass that variable as input parameter to the extension action
This should be the easiest way. As for having the extension to get the data from the eSpace by itself, I wouldn't recommend it as there's no way to ensure that an extension runs in the context of that particular eSpace (it can be imported and used by other eSpaces).