Restart a running action

Hi All,

Is there a way to restart an Action, like you can for a Business Logic Process. Let me explain the context.

I have a Web Block inside Table Records on a Web Screen. The Web Block consists of radio buttons. The user can select an option from 0 to 5. There are approx 20 records in the Tabel records, so the Web Block appears 20 times. When the User selects a radio button, the value is recorded.

Also, on the Web Screen is single Web Block below the Table Records. This Web Block basically calculates the values selected inside the Web Blocks in the Table Records (A Summary Web Block). Hope you are still with me :) ...... 

I am using the NotifyWidget to communicate a change from the Web Block inside the Table Records to the Summary Web Block. This is working as expected.

The issue is that it takes approximately 2 seconds for the Web Blocks to communicate, and the refresh of the Summary Web Block. If the user was to click on 10 different records in the Table Records (selecting a value in the Web Block for each Table Record), the system will process the Web Block Communication and the Summary Web Block refresh 10 times. Thus, providing a lagging user experience (The "Loading" widget in the bottom left appears 10 times).

Is there a way to cancel the current action running and execute the last action selected?

Thanks in advance for your help.