Table behaviour on phone

Hi all,

I have a Traditional web app that displays some data on a table.

On Desktop is all fine (see pics Desktop1 and Desktop2), it shows all the fields of a row etc. However when I use the mobile version it shows only the first column (see pic Mobile1). I know this is the correct behaviour. What I want to do is on mobile instead of visualise only the first name , it should visualise First and Last Name, on the same cell. It should also remain the same as it is now (Mobile2) when I want to modify the cell content.

I tried to use "enclose in if" (see pic if), I used the isPhone() function on the condition and assigned to the true branch a local variable.  Then I create a new scree action that assign the current  first and last name to a variable. 

I tried to add the action to the onchange action of the input widget, but it doesn't show any value (on the debug the variable is empty).

What could be a way to achieve the result I want? Do I have to put the Action in another place or use a complete different approach?

Sorry in advance if the question seems silly, but I am still learning OutSystems....

Thanks for your help.



Can you share your oml so I can check the code exactly what you want I am not clear.

If it is local variable so you have to give value to it 



Hi Ruchi,

thanks for your reply.

Basically what I want to achieve is pic1 and pic2, but I don't want what's in pic 3. When I change the values I want what's in pic4.

At the moment I changed my approach and I am not using the local variable and the screen action, instead on the aggregate I created a new attribute "FullName = FirstName + LastName" and I enclosed the first cell in an if. I put as condition IsPhone() and I have achieved what's on these screenshots, which is in part what I want. 

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