Binary data to excel

Hello All,

I want to convert binary data stored in outsystems table to excel to verify whether there is duplicate tab name in the excel. please help



Depending on what the binary data is, you have to convert it, perhaps using BinaryDataToText (it's in BinaryData extension). And create a structure to put data correctly.


The binary data is excel file only. i have stored that in outsystems database and i want to convert it to excel again to see whether there is duplicate tab name in the excel to alert the user to upload a new excel.

Hi saravana kumar, You can use the 'Excel To Record List' action (Ensure you have a structure with the same fields as your Excel). Then, create an interaction to populate another list of the same type. Before adding it, validate whether the value already exists in the list. If the condition is true, you will know that there are duplicate values in Excel. 

HI @saravana kumar v , You can use this Extension from Forge Advanced Excel, after reference to your module, you can use the Open Workbook with Binary parameter to load the Excel, there're also some utility Action to get Excel Sheet information. Hope this helped.

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