Service Studio Debugging Issue

Hi Team,

     We are currently using Service Studio Version 11.14.2.For some reasons,we want to stick to the same Service Studio Version,but the debugging isnt working.The chrome version,we are using is 118.0.5993.89 (Official Build) (64-bit). We are okay to downgrade,chrome version.Could you please provide which chrome version to downgrade,inorder for smooth debugging.

We are facing the below error,when we start debugging in chrome:

"The browser used for debugging is unresponsive"

Thanks in advance.


When you say "we" I believe you're talking about a company. If that's the case you should open a Support Ticket and let Outsystems staff to help you directly in your case. They have access to all those details.

Here, at the community, is more difficult to answer since many of us are just end-users and not Outsystems staff.

That Service Studio version is really old. Why do you want to keep using it? 

There have been numerous fixes for the debugger in the newer version of Service Studio. Some due to errors in SS, other due to changes in Chrome. To find a "matching" version of Chrome I would find the release date of this Service Studio version and then find the version of Chrome release in that same timeframe. 

Hope this helps,


Agree with Vincent Koning.

OutSystems weekly publishes  new version of Service Studio, everytime with small improvements, there is no sense in working with a really old version of Service Studio.

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