Associate Reactive Developer Exercise (O11)  : from zero to hero full exercise

Hello all! :)

I've been trying to find exercises that include all the elements learned through the guided paths that would be equivalent to the practice for an Associate Reactive Developer level, if I can put it that way.

It is quite "easy" to learn the theory for the Associate Reactive Developer exam, but in terms of practical preparation or getting an overview of this same level, I find it quite difficult.

What I find is:

1. Some isolated exercises for each part or section in the guided paths that only have the parts related to that specific section being studied.

2. Also, the "build your app" section.

I think there's nothing in the scope that covers the whole app from beginning to end (or at least I couldn't find it). Even the "build your app" section has a lot of actions and elements already prepared for us.

Is it possible for someone to give advice or send an exercise that is a little like "From ZERO to HERO" (associate level) for building a reactive web app? I have a need to practice an app from beginning to end and understand it as a whole, besides feeling more ready for the "real work world."

Thank you in advance!

P.S. I hope I am not starting a topic that already has some kind of answer. If so, I am sorry, but my colleagues and I couldn't find an answer to this need.

Hi @Mafalda Oliveira,

You can check out the below guided paths ,

Patient Portal

Order Management

Employee Directory


Hello @Gayathri T C 

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

I appreciate your mention of the guided paths (and the "build by app" options), which aligns with what I was referring to earlier. These paths are excellent tools, but they already have predefined actions and elements, making it more convenient (easy) to begin and follow and for that reason being "less complex and complete" compared to the solution I originally had in mind and attempted to inquire about.

I hope this clarifies my point.

Thank you

Hello Mafalda, 

Check the suggestion proposed by @João Marques in this post:


If you have any issues at some point when doing it, feel free to ask on a different post on the community forum :)

Best regards and good luck, 


Hello Ana!

Thank you. I already asked for the pdf and resources there

Thank you

Hi again, Mafalda

It seems that the resources we're looking for, like the follow-up response from Joao, are no longer available.

I suggest you try to conceptualize the project requirements based on the initial draft points provided. Anyway, assume this exercise is a practice exercise, because, in the real world, clients often don't initially provide explicit requirements. As developers, it's crucial for us to exercise our creativity in such situations. Try to imagine which data model would you create, the lock and feel you desire, which information you want to show in which screen, and which functionalities and accesses, etc... 

Best of luck, 


You can also try to incorporate some known forge components, like, for example, the FullCalendar and the UltimatePDF :) You can add as much complexity as you desire! 

Note: most of the components have a small demo regarding how they work :) 

This doesn't really cover the question in hands and the difficulties I'm experiencing as a beginner without experience and that much information /study material... but I appreciate your time and replies. 

hi Mafalda Oliveira,

Welcome to the Outsystems community. As i read your query, i will suggest you to try with these simple application. first create simple application and then make it complex using plugins and some extra things. for example

1. create basic Employee Management 
2. Add Multiple Role for hierarchical (Employee to Manager or higher)
3. Add some plugins according to your requirements

4. Use BPT for approving, rejecting, request for edit the leaves. 

5. send notification to each operation, show to individual User (Read, read all functionality).

if you need help. you can ask i will help you for sure.



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