How can I create some kind of a "flow" in a ButtonGroup (or using other structure)
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Service Studio Version
11.54.31 (Build 62912)
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11.23.1 (Build 40847)

Hello, I'm sorry for the confusing title, but what I need is basically to create this:And I have this:

A button group that uses a Integer variable. 

My first thought was to just add the Icons and "see what happens", but I was not able to make the Planned->Canceled part considering that they are in different lines.

I really want to keep the integer part, and the user cannot select more than option at the same time*

Is there a better way to create this kind of flow? or any tips in regards to this?
Thank you so much for the time and attention :)

Hi, Let say you have Integer variable call CurrStatus to hold the value for the Button group.
And  let define value for CurrStatus as:
- 0 means Planned
- 1 means Active
- 2 for Canceled
- 3 for Closed

This is the attribute setup for each button of the Button Group:

Hi @Gustavo Nakamura,

You can use the simple buttons according to your requirements I have attached the OML file.

Try here

Hope this can help you!

Kind regards 

Sourabh Sharma 



If am understanding your requirement correctly you want that above should follow a particular order. Also it will be better if you can explain your requirement exactly what you want to acheive, will be able to suggest better.

BTW in OutSystems if you want to perform some task in certain order than on UI level you can use wizard.


I'm sorry.

I want them to follow a particular other just as you said, but I need to create this visual order as well, using arrows to point for the next status button instead of only having them as the button group (in the same line), just as the print. 

Again, sorry for the vague question.



As suggested earlier you can try with Wizard widget, if it fulfill your requirement. Below is just rough sample I tried to demonstrate using wizard and wizard items. You can make cosmetic changes in this as per requirement.

best regards

Sorry for the delayed reply, but I wasn't able to create what I wanted using Wizard and Wizard Item.
In the way that you said both active and canceled should be the same thing, right? I mean, they are at the same time of the process (the middle) so if the user selects the option in the middle, it should be one of those options.

Thanks for the reply but I don't think that wizard item is exactly the solution for what I was looking for :/

Because what I really need is just this visual part of having the arrows so the user can know exactly the existing process behind this Status field. (to avoid misunderstanding) 
Something like this:

Again, thank you so much for taking that time to answer me! 
Gustavo Nakamura.

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