Revision Strategy for Reactive Developer Boot Camp / Exam

Hi there, my company put me on a training boot camp last month for the Reactive Development OutSystems training. As someone quite new to technical stuff / coding / and that I managed to understand the theory well and follow along with the exercises.

I was revising the content from the course and thought I was well prepared but I had failed it spectacularly.  The 20 questions given at the end of the course tend to be the categories I actually passed.  There seems to be a lack of available content / question bank online to be practicing. 

I am not yet using OutSystems at work at all really. I think the idea is, pass the exam then have things to do.  I feel like using it daily is what you'd need to be able to understand the nuances in the questions on the exam. 

Are there any other ways to revise or practice this - such as building the apps on the test environment, reading some of the documentation or similar?  I don't really have time to do everything so what do you recommend as the most appropriate course of action for getting a sound enough understanding of the content to pass the exam? 



If you click on the Exam Details, a folder will be downloaded. Inside that you can find a detail sheet which has topic breakdown and respective weightage. You can start focusing on topics with high weights. And few more documents links are available inside. Check out.


Hello Shane Bunting, 

I'm sorry to hear that you failed the exam.  It's not uncommon to face difficulties when transitioning from theory to practical application, especially if you haven't had much hands-on experience. Note that most of the questions in the exam were done in a tricky way. 

Here are some recommendations to help you prepare better for the exam:

  • Start by thoroughly reviewing the contents provided during the training, which are directly related to the exam. These materials are usually designed to cover the topics and skills you'll be tested on. You might also check the topics and their percentages here:

  • Take the sample exam that is under the previous link. Check the topics of the questions you missed again and understand why some options do not fulfill the questions.

  •  Choose one how-to guide, and follow it step by step.  
    After completing one guide and gaining some confidence, try working on the others without looking at the step-by-step instructions. 

  • If you find difficulties in specific areas, don't hesitate to use the OutSystems forum or community resources. You can ask questions and seek clarification on the topics that are challenging for you. You can also post some doubts or issues you found along the way during the guide paths.

By following these steps, you should be able to achieve the 70% required to pass! 

Best of luck, 


Hi Gayathri and Ana, I had downloaded the Exam Details weeks before. The practice exam is also not very useful, 20 limited questions and as I said, those were the categories I did better at. If there was a much, much larger pool of tonnes of questions that might come up (or very similar to them) it would be much easier for people to learn the content. 

I will look at various how to guides and see how it goes.  Has Outystems got any plans to make the revision content a bit more wide in scope than just 20 questions?

Hi Shane Bunting ,



If want application for practice let me know .

Hope this will help you . 



Hi Shane

What you need is practice, just attending the boot camp isn't enough. The good thing is that you have passed the sections regarding the 20 questions, unfortunately there isn't an official question bank that you can access. Keep in mind that some questions will try to confuse you by giving similar options.

One thing you can do is go to the documentation (here) and find the sections you were having issues. You can also check the guided path (here) or find videos for specific sections (here). Lastly, as Ana suggested, you can build some applications (here) but do them on your own instead of following step by step. Although the exam is not asking you to create an application, building a few will help you.

Hi Shane!

I have an extensive PDF of questions which might be helpful for you to clear the certification.

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