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I am trying to create a full view of all the entities in use by my application as seen with the "In Use" filter in Manage Dependencies (Is Active, and Is Extenal in the Entity table does not match ). I can get most of the information I want from OutDoc, however, this does not include the system entities, such as User. I can export the SystemEntity entity data, but does not tell me if they are public.

Is there a way to get a detailed export, perhaps in XML or something, that will give me all the details of every entity in the app? 

On the OutSystems cloud, so direct connection to get SQL to DB for example with an on-prem setup, AFAIK is not possible.


Hello Ben,

I believe you can extract most, if not all of what you need from the OSSYS_ESPACE_REFERENCE Entity in your OutSystems metamodel. Since you cannot directly access the database, you can access it through an OutSystems module by referencing it from the System module:

The CONSUMER_VERSION_ID column points to OSSYS_ESPACE_VERSION, and from there you can reach OSSYS_ESPACE - both of these Entities are also available from within an OutSystems module by referencing the Espace and Espace_Version entities from System.

By filtering for KIND = 'Entity' OR KIND = 'StaticEntity' you can restrict your search to only include references to Entities.

Let me know if there's any missing information.


Hi @Ben Norrisy 

What do you mean by it does not to include system entity?

If you want to use or fetch data from User table then you simply need to take dependency from system module.

Sometime due to outdated dependency "In Use" filter shows by default on dependency pop up but you can change it to "All" then you will be able to see all the logic and table of that module



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